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The Sociable Team

Tim Hinchliffe, Editor

Tim Hinchliffe is the Editor of The Sociable, where he covers tech and society, with perspectives on public and private policies proposed by governments, unelected globalists, think tanks, big tech companies, defense departments, and intelligence agencies. Previously, Tim was a reporter for the Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa and an editor at Colombia Reports in South America. These days, he is only responsible for articles he writes and publishes in his own name. 

Email: [email protected]

Erick Espinosa, Podcast Producer and Host

Erick Espinosa is the host of The Sociable’s “Brains Byte Back,” a podcast that interviews startups, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. On the podcast, Erick explores how knowledge and technology intersect to build a better, more sustainable future for humanity. Guests include founders, CEOs, and other influential individuals making a big difference in society, with past guest speakers such as New York Times journalists, MIT Professors, and C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies. Erick has a background in broadcast journalism, having previously worked as a producer for Global News and CityTV Toronto in Canada. Email: [email protected]

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