ASTRID, the new AI communication assistant helping companies worldwide 

May 16, 2024


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When Rajat Mishra first created Prezent, he had a mission to democratize access to great communication tools.

This mission remains clear and present to this day, and the founder along with a fast-growing team have reached several impressive milestones. 

One of the most recent of these has been the launch of ASTRID, an intelligent communication co-pilot built with proprietary AI technology with the ability to become an in-house branding expert like no other. 

The early journey 

Before Prezent was founded in 2021, Rajat had spent years climbing the corporate ladder working for multinational giants like McKinsey and Cisco, becoming one of the youngest Senior Vice President at the latter.

However, these impressive achievements came following a lifetime of hard work and dedication.

After overcoming a childhood stutter and graduating from one of India’s top universities, Rajat quickly realized that strong communication skills needed to go hand in hand with technical talent. 

He also saw how often large enterprises, highly successful in their chosen industry, often struggled when it came to communication. From a lack of clear training and guidance, inconsistent use of branding materials and slow agency services, challenges underscored the market need for intelligent B2B communication services.

From this moment, Prezent was born. 

The impact of Prezent

Although communication isn’t always as seen as the most pressing investment for companies, improving in this area has a huge impact on results and productivity. 

Prezent opens up access to enterprise communication services and uses high-tech solutions to boost the impact even further. Part of the appeal lies in the fact the platform offers a one-stop shop for communication expertise, consultants and brand design.

This means it’s never been easier to manage slides, tone and style across the whole organization and empower employees to become super-communicators. 

Now, the introduction of ASTRID means that navigating across the landscape of communication services just got a whole lot easier. 

The new communication assistant in town 

ASTRID supports multidisciplinary business communication by integrating audience empathy, structured storylines, training, relevance to context, industry insights, and on-brand design.

Prezent has been transforming slide decks and communication material since its founding, but with ASTRID the outputs are set to become more refined and powerful each time. 

That’s because the AI tool can learn from the requests of the organization and associated employees to become an in-house branding expert. ASTRID has been built to understand the secret sauce that sets great communication materials apart from the mundane. According to Prezent, these include audience empathy, structured storylines, training and enablement. 

The intelligent tool considers all of these keys to build materials that not only speak from the employee’s perspective, but the enterprise brand too. This helps to ensure that materials are compliant without losing vital human empathy and authenticity. 

By using ASTRID to create powerful communication materials in just a few clicks, executives can focus on tasks like rehearsal and delivery style ahead of an meeting or event. 

Finally, unlike a traditional communication consultant, ASTRID can work across the whole organization endlessly and support as many executives as required. For these reasons, the technology is helping to solve the challenge of poor enterprise communication at last.  

This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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