Building international and regional business connections: TechBeach announces conference in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands this June 19-21

June 11, 2024


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When we think about the Caribbean it mostly evokes images of white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and laid back vibes that makes it a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation away from the pressures of modern life. 

However, these islands are increasingly a home to a thriving community of innovators. For example, government initiatives like the Amber/HEART NSTA Coding Academy have helped Jamaica earn a new reputation as a source for talented software developers and a growing number of startups. 

Yet this isn’t an isolated trend. From Barbados and St. Kitts to Haiti and Trinidad, impressive tech hubs and micro-communities have been springing up all across the archipelago. It’s also worth noting that many of the solutions developed here have the potential to deliver a huge amount of impact as tech entrepreneurs work with their communities to create products that solve pressing challenges, from education to infrastructure. 

In an exciting development that promises to shine a spotlight on the tech communities here and upon access to crucial business connections, the TechBeach Retreat is coming to the US Virgin Islands this June 19-21. 

Building more inclusive tech ecosystems  

Founded in 2016, the TechBeach Retreat is on a mission to act as “a catalyst for change, propelling the global tech ecosystem towards a more inclusive future.” 

With established events already taking place in Miami and Jamaica, the team is expanding its regional presence with the creation of a new conference site in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (USVI). 

Its event will be held on June 19th-21st and is billed by the organizers as a strategic move to connect Caribbean tech entrepreneurs and provide greater access to resources. 

TechBeach Retreat has a reputation for attracting some of the world’s greatest thought leaders and the most established brands that facilitate meaningful connections to support local business growth. The expansion of the conference in the USVI will grow this network further and foster collaboration between tech innovators. 

Scaling across borders at the USVI TechBeach Retreat 

The three day conference coming up this June in St. Thomas will offer the chance for attendees to network with over 200 high-caliber attendees, including entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives.

This will include tech figures like Jeff Pulver, the co-founder of Vonage, Zahir Dossa, co-founder of Function of Beauty alongside representatives from some of the most important tech giants from LinkedIn, Google, Nvidia, TikTok, and OpenAI. 

The agenda is packed with keynote presentations, fireside chats and expert panels. 

Helping to make this happen are a range of speakers including Shaun Vanweelden of Human Data at OpenAI, Allison Kern; Partner, Morro Ventures, Lucy Guo, Founder at Passes; Dietra Trent, and Executive Director of the White House Initiative on HBCUs, among many more others.

Long term development goals for the US Virgin Islands 

Aside from helping to foster immediate connections, the TechBeach Retreat’s new presence in the USVI also aims to deliver long-term impact too. 

For example, prominent global tech companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon don’t currently have a physical presence in the Caribbean. Thanks to the deep connections within the tech community that the conference organizers hold, it’s hoped that they can better bridge the gap to entrepreneurs here. 

In a previous interview, TechBeach Retreat cofounder Kirk-Anthony Hamilton noted “our expansion is about broadening the community, our reach, and access to resources. We aim to create greater opportunities for our existing community and those who will join us in the future.”

In fact, Hamilton and his business partner and cofounder Kyle Maloney hope to shed light on a significant gap in regional business connections. 

The team were invited by the Research and Technology Park (RTPark), a public-private partnership entity, to support their efforts in showcasing the USVI as a hub for innovation, business domicile, and residence.

The ultimate goal is to position USVI as a strategic intersection for the Caribbean and North America, facilitating meaningful connections and collaboration.

To learn more about the upcoming TechBeach Retreat head over to the event page.

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