New children’s book inspires traveling, teaches compassion (CEO Interview)

July 21, 2016


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Diplomat Books is a new children’s book series from CEO, author and avid traveler Robin Barone.

Barone founded the company after travelling the world, today she looks to share her stories with a new generation. Diplomat Books aims to educate and entertain, teaching kids about places across the globe, inspiring travel and compassion in the young.

Children's book

How does Diplomat Books serve the social side of tech?

My ultimate vision is to create a community where people can engage in the discussion that travel is possible. The community that we foster is to connect people with ideas and itineraries around travel, sharing information and broadening our horizons.

Does your professional background as CEO qualify you as a leader in your industry? How?

For years I have led and created non profit events around community and culture. Leading groups of people, connected by a common value or shared concept has always been a strong passion of mine. In my previous professional roles I worked in an investment fund and as a right-hand to a CFO of a company during a major expansion period. All of my experiences have taught me the importance of strategy, managing resources and moving towards ambitious goals.

What motivates you to produce a high quality children’s book for your customers and what has been their feedback towards your company or towards you as CEO?

The creation for this children’s book started when I wanted to buy a similar type of product for my younger relatives and the children of my friends. I set out on a mission to understand why it did not exist and how I could bring it to life. I was working full-time in real estate finance and acquisitions, and so its development took nearly six years. During this time, the product evolved and changed, but I was committed to creating a product that showed that learning can be colorful, creative, and fun. During and after the soft launch, the feedback from audiences within my network and outside has been overwhelming supportive. By presenting my authentic self, I have connected with over 3,000 people, transforming a powerful idea into a strong brand that people connect with.

Does Diplomat Books or your background fit into an overall trend? How?

Our product is a children’s book. On the surface it is considered antiquated by modern technologists. The values behind the product surpass advances in technology, as respect and compassion are a key part of development.

I want to nurture the next generation and possibly inspire members of my own generation to reconnect with their inner child. I believe that an open heart and entertainment, regardless of medium in which is delivered can never become outdated!

Can you discuss what sets you apart from your competitors and what is the overall goal of Diplomat Books with regards to the customers you provide goods/services for?

My product is defining a niche for children interested in adventure travel and different cultures across the world. Other books fail to illustrate that learning can be colorful, creative and fun. The principal behind our strategy is based on the Montessori Method of learning, which I grew up on. The idea of planting curiosity and inspiring children to live their best life possible has been a huge attractor of audiences beyond myself to this brand.


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