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June 5, 2024


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This month Ricardo Jiménez, an active entrepreneur and angel investor, will launch his book ‘Crash Course: A Founder’s Journey to Saving Your Startup and Sanity’.

The founder is a writer, entrepreneur, and active investor, who since 2014 has invested in more than thirty projects, including the Ethereum token launch and a gold mine in Paraguay.

In the book, he delves into his failed startup and forces himself to explore how his best-laid plans went so of course.

Going very in-depth, Jiménez explores each decision and meeting that turned his once-promising international toy company into an expensive lesson in how not to succeed in the global marketplace.

With ‘Crash Course’, Ricardo invites readers to embrace the setbacks and failures inherent in the entrepreneurial journey, transforming them into stepping stones toward future success. Through his honest account, Jiménez offers guidance for those who dare to chase their dreams against all odds.

Said Jiménez, “I wanted to share my story not to revel in defeat, but to illuminate the often overlooked
struggles of entrepreneurship.”

“There are countless tales of overnight success, but what about those of us who poured everything into our ventures and still faltered? I believe these stories are just as crucial, if not more so, in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape,” added the entrepreneur.

The official book launch is scheduled for June 18th.

Following the launch, Jiménez will host the first presentation of ‘Crash Course’ in Miami.

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