Dublin’s conference takes a closer look at professional social media use

February 6, 2012


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On February 15th Damien Mulley (@damienmulley) will gather some of the country’s best social and digital media practitioners into the National College of Ireland (@ncirl).  The man behind the coveted Irish Web Awards and the Social Media Awards will be taking a closer look at how businesses can better use the social web.



But the conference (#DoneDealsocial) is not completely separate from the Social Media Awards.  Damien explains that the Awards provided the platform for nominees from large and small companies to mix and discuss the challenges they faced as they increasingly used social media tools.   This conversation, and feedback from the Measure It! meet-up back in 2010, showed that there was an appetite for an expert-driven review of business social media use. won’t be social media 101; the conference will go beyond simply explaining what various social media sites and tools are. It will describe how businesses can improve their use of the social web in areas such as analytics and best practice.

“Plenty of events to introduce you to social media now, some of them are excellent, but as an SME you need to find out how to measure the impact and the success of social campaigns […] the conference will also allow SMEs to network at the breaks and after the event; to tell others what they’re up to.”

Speaking at the event will be;

Damien has gathered a dozen industry authorities; from successful entrepreneurs to multinationals’ social media experts, who are using the social web as part of their business processes. These experts, Damien says, will give practical accounts of social web use and, perhaps, challenge conventional wisdom.

It’s about looking at the data Damien says, “we all want to see ‘this works and here is the data, or this didn’t work for us and this is why we think it did not’.

“I want the attendees to go away and make changes that will allow them to see quality returns on their social media investment.”

Over the next week we’ll be talking to some of the experts who will be speaking at the conference. They’ll provide us with an overview of what they will be discussing on the 15th as well as their own views of the state of professional use of social media.  We’ll also be there on the day covering the event as it happens.

You can learn more about the speakers and the line up on the website.


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