IMF shows sense of humour on Twitter as Dublin accepts massive bailout

November 21, 2010


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Government Buildings,Merriot Street

Government buildings, Merriot Street via Wikipedia

As the Irish government finally admitted that it would accept a massive bailout worth “tens of billions” from the International Monetary Fund, the IMF has been sharing the joke on Twitter.

When in Dublin this week to assess the state of Ireland’s financial crises the IMF (@IMFNEWS)found time to share the joke on Twitter by following @The_IMF, a spoof account that mocks both Ireland and the IMF. The fake @The_IMF account purports to be the Twitter profile of an IMF delegate in Dublin. It describes itself as “Working with the IMF (cough). Off to the Emerald Isle to give them a few of our dollars.”

Sardonic comments published on the fake @The_IMF account include,

Meanwhile, and despite only one tweet from the The IMF’s official Twitter account concerning Ireland, Irish Twitter users have been signing up to follow the organisation in droves.

Since November 15 the IMF’s Twitter account has gained over 300 new followers, increasing from 8,230 Followers to 8,608 Followers most of whom are from Ireland.


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