Early bird adopters Get the ‘Worm’ for connecting startups

May 11, 2016


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A new online marketplace that connects startups with early adopters is helping to overcome the connected challenges of audience growth and survival.

Year on year, global entrepreneurship is booming – the UK alone saw over 500,000 startup founders launch their new businesses in 2015. However, 85-90% of all of these businesses fail within the first year; one of the main reasons for this are struggling adoption rates.

Melbourne-based Get Worm hopes to improve adoption rates by enabling the connection to the potential 432 million early adopters worldwide who are searching for the latest products and innovations.

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out

The platform helps startup businesses by connecting them to early adopters all over the globe, enabling them to attract “early bird” users with their creative “worms.” Startups can engage with potential customers, get feedback, and then build a better product. For early adopters, Get Worm exposes them to the latest innovations, keeps them ahead of the curve and brings like-minded people into a united community.

Users can sign up with their email or Twitter accounts and enjoy the platform for free and have access to rewards from startups for showing their early interest.

“There’s an early adopter in everyone,” said co-founder Sarthak Moghe, adding, “whether you get excited by the latest iPhone, movie, or music service, everyone wants to know what’s new and what’s better, before anyone else.”


Get Worm differs from similar platforms by offering value to startups and early adopters, addressing the unique needs of both demographics. Beyond simple referral traffic, startups are introduced to users and can track user engagement and conversions, while early adopters are provided with a marketplace full of early bird offers, and receive a curated feed of products based on their likes and interests.

“At Get Worm, we found there were many avenues to promote startups, but not many that credit early adopters; one of the most essential factors behind the success stories,” explained Moghe.

 “We would like to see Get Worm become the primary platform to connect startups and early adopters. Any business launching a new product and/or service can use Get Worm to spread the word.”


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