Spain’s English-language startup news voice Novobrief acquired by Espacio incubator

January 18, 2018


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The English-language voice for Spain’s startup ecosystem, Novobrief, is acquired by Espacio, an accelerator with a portfolio of growing news publications.

Novobrief was founded in 2014 by Jaime Novoa to introduce Spain’s startup scene to the world. The publication is focused on featuring stories of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and interviews with exciting startups that are prospering in their markets, and to provide insight into Spain’s conditions for establishing new businesses.

spain startup novobrief espacio incubator

Conrad Egusa

Novoa has been a startup ecosystem builder, responsible for driving awareness and growth for startups. He is an investor at the K FUND, which is an early stage Venture Capital firm that aims to fuel the evolution of the Spanish startup ecosystem. Prior to this Novoa had worked at, Startupexplore, and Weblogs SL.

“We are thrilled to be working with Novobrief and to continue the legacy that its founder Jaime created,” said Espacio CEO Conrad Egusa. Conrad Egusa is a former VentureBeat writer and is a Global Mentor at 500 Startups, and founded Espacio with Eddie Arrieta.

spain startup novobrief espacio incubator

Eddie Arrieta

“We are happy to see Novobrief joining Espacio. Their team will bring an extra layer of capacity, expertise and exposure that will take Spain’s startup scene even further,” says Novobrief founder Jaime Novoa.

“We have noticed a promising increase in interesting ideas and technology in Spain, reflected in the amount of activity there,” says Egusa. “At Espacio we will work to make sure this is mirrored in the media coverage – something Novobrief was created to do – and something we will continue.”

spain startup novobrief espacio incubator

Jaime Novoa

Recovering from an economic downturn, Spain has since been thriving in the world’s entrepreneurial scene. Improved funding and support systems are helping cutting-edge ventures get started. A new generation of entrepreneurs are working on turning ideas into commercially-viable enterprises.

Upcoming investments into include an expansion of its editorial newsroom, investments into video, and a series of events in 2018.

“As more eyes look to Spain as a strategic tech hub, we are excited to continue this mission of sharing Spain’s own inspiring stories of growth and exploration in the startup sector,” said Egusa.


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