The Tech Company Brief by Hackernoon: Google and OpenAI aim for enterprise AI domination

September 14, 2023


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Apparently not satisfied with handing over the power of generative AI to the masses, both Google and OpenAI are now looking to further commercialize their technologies by targeting the big fish.

Just recently, Google and OpenAI announced that they would be offering a version of their generative AI tools tailored for enterprise customers. In Google’s case, the company is playing catch up with Microsoft after fumbling its big generative AI reveal via Bard.

Microsoft has had a big lead over Google, having initially invested in OpenAI back when it wasn’t as big of a deal as it is today, and following it up with an even bigger investment (media estimates at around $10 billion) following the public launch and success of ChatGPT. Microsoft was quick to swoop in on the success, integrating generative AI capabilities across a suite of its products and leaving Google far, far behind.

It’s important to note, however, that Google has been in the AI game for much longer, though not necessarily in the ways people might think.

Google is making available its intelligence-powered tools to enterprise customers at a monthly price of $30 per user, the same as rival Microsoft’s “Copilot” AI-powered office software suite, Reuters reported. Furthermore, the Alphabet-owned company also announced a new version of its custom-built AI chips that is reportedly optimized for genAI and large language models.

OpenAI, on the other hand, seems to be playing an entirely different game. The Sam Altman-founded company is looking to offer enterprise customers a version of ChatGPT that keeps their trade secrets safe. Called ChatGPT Enterprise, this version of the popular generative AI model offers enterprise-grade security and privacy that protects large businesses’ data as they embark on their own AI journeys.

Google ranked #1 on HackerNoon’s Tech Company Rankingsthis week.

Google Ranking on HackerNoon's Tech Company Rankings

Google Ranking on HackerNoon’s Tech Company Rankings

Facebook Down But Not Out 🇨🇦

Meta might low key be one of the most evil corporations in the world, but its antics hasn’t stopped people from using its service.

ICYMI: Meta banned the sharing of news across its platforms Facebook and Instagram in Canada after the government passed a law requiring the company to pay domestic news providers for sharing their content on its platform. Normally, this would have been fine, but the Canadian government wasn’t happy that the company maintained the ban while wildfires were raging across Canada’s western province of British Columbia.

The government argued the company’s “reckless” ban on domestic news had essentially left its people locked out of receiving important data about the fires.

But Meta didn’t care, arguing instead that users didn’t come to its platform for news, which made up less than 3% of the content on its users’ feeds anyway, and forcing it to pay for content was just bad for its business.

Well, a new report from Reuters just might give credence to the company’s claims. According to the report, Canadians’ usage of Facebook has remained largely the same as before the news ban.

This could potentially complicate matters for the Canadian government, which was hoping to bring Meta around to its point of view. We’ll keep you posted on updates as we get them.

Facebook ranked #4 on HackerNoon’s Tech Company Rankings this week. Instagram was #5, while parent company Meta was on the #75 spot.

Facebook Ranking on HackerNoon's Tech Company Rankings

Facebook Ranking on HackerNoon’s Tech Company Rankings

Instagram Ranking on HackerNoon's Tech Company Rankings

Instagram Ranking on HackerNoon’s Tech Company Rankings

Meta's Ranking on HackerNoon's Tech Company Rankings

Meta’s Ranking on HackerNoon’s Tech Company Rankings

In Other News.. 📰

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  • Grayscale’s big court win boosts Bitcoin and crypto sentiment — via Axios.
  • Tesla ordered by auto regulators to provide data on ‘Elon mode’ Autopilot configuration — via CNBC.

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— Sheharyar Khan, Editor, Business Tech @ HackerNoon

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