Ireland’s first GAMER Expo to take place later this month [UPDATED]

October 7, 2010


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Update: GAMER Expo 2010 has been postponed until further notice. A statement on the GAMER Expo’s website reads: “Due to an issue raised by the Senior Executive Fire Prevention Officer in relation to the Citywest Convention Centre, GAMER Expo 2010 has been postponed until further notice”. It is expected that the event will take place at a later date in the same venue, or at a different venue if the issue cannot be resolved. GAMER Expo also noted that all ticket purchases will be honoured or refunded.

GAMER Expo logo

GAMER Expo logo

Ireland’s first GAMER Expo takes place from the 29th – 31st October 2010, at the Citywest Convention centre, Dublin. It is expected that over 24,000 people will attend the games exhibition over the three days.

GAMER Expo is the first and largest games exhibition of its kind in Ireland, with 90,000 sq ft of floor space available. The exhibition itself has several ‘Zones’ that each offer something different to gamers. They include a networked gaming zone, a games demo zone, a retail zone to buy or pre-order games, a 3D zone, an internet zone, a GAMER club lounge, and a live stage acting as a focal point to all the action during the exhibition.

Gaming is a big industry in Ireland and has the highest per capita spend on computer games in Europe, with 17 games on average purchased per year. Last year Ireland spent over 120 million euro on gaming software alone.

Tickets for the event are available to purchase from Ticket Group. Day tickets cost €10 per adult, €4 for children aged 7-12 years, and €20 for a family ticket.

Here’s a short, if slightly crude, promotional video (1:47) on the event:


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