Want to work for Zynga? They’re looking for staff in Dublin

January 4, 2012


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Zynga is looking for more staff for their young Dublin office, according to new jobs postings on the company’s website.

Cityville by Zenga

Credit: Zynga

The FarmVille and CityVille maker has six positions open in Ireland, all in the area of multilingual customer support.  Four of the jobs are new to the site, suggesting some expansion in the company’s Irish operations.  By contrast Zynga’s combined operations in the other European locations are advertising three positions, all in the UK.  Only India and the US have a greater number of jobs on offer.

Two of the new positions, Relationship Manager and Game Lead, will be highly coveted. The Relationship Manager will “responsible to build and maintain an integrated relationship with the game studios while ensuring an excellent customer service experience for our customers.”  The Game Lead will manage the “day to day game management alongside some staff supervision.”

Zynga is also looking for an additional Multilingual Customer Support Specialist who can speak three languages and have three years’ experience in customer management.

The jobs listed on the site are;

It’s not all fun and games, Zynga’s job descriptions show they have high demands for their prospective employees; for the position of Relationship Manager a Bachelor’s Degree is mandatory and Masters degree or a MBA is an advantage, along with five years’ experience in customer support and three years’ experience in project management.  For other roles you’ll need to be fluent in multiple European languages and have experience in managing teams of over 40 people.

Zynga operates four offices across Europe: in The UK, Germany, Luxembourg, and Ireland.  Zynga’s Dublin office is expected to become the company’s largest of the four.  It’s also one of the youngest having been officially opened in June 2011.  These new jobs come just over a year since Zynga Dublin began looking for staff.


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