Klaus Schwab appoints himself, Davos crowd ‘trustees of the future’: WEF annual meeting

January 16, 2024


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The unelected globalists’ approach to rebuilding trust is to declare themselves trustees over the future of humanity: perspective

In an effort to rebuild trust, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab appoints himself and the Davos crowd “trustees of the future” at the WEF annual meeting.

Kicking off the WEF annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland today Schwab focused on the theme of this year’s gathering, “Rebuilding Trust” while never once mentioning rebuilding the trust of private citizens.

We have to rebuild trust — trust in our future, trust in our capacity to overcome challenges, and most importantly, trust in each other,” said Schwab, referring to the Davos crowd.

He then gave a rather peculiar definition of what “trust” means to him:

“Trust is not just a feeling; trust is a commitment to action, to belief, to hope”

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, 2024

So, in Schwab’s eyes, trust means committing to action, believing, and hoping.

Therefore, every time Klaus Schwab says, “We have to rebuild trust,” what he’s actually saying is that the unelected globalists need to rebuild their own commitments to action through hope and faith.

How does Schwab and the Davos crowd hope to achieve trust (aka blind commitments to action)?

Why, a great narrative of course!

Schwab regurgitated the need to embrace the WEF’s Great Narrative Initiative, which was launched in November, 2021 as a follow up to the launch of the Great Reset agenda a year prior, stating:

“We must rediscover and embrace the narrative that has driven humanity since its inception — acting as trustees for a better future”

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, 2024

Here, we see Schwab’s somewhat circular logic in emphasizing the need for unelected globalists to become stewards of the world.

In order “to rebuild trust” [faith-based commitments to action], “we” [unelected globalists], must act as “trustees.”

Great! And he says this believing this has been the narrative since humanity’s inception.

The concept of trust and trusteeship compels us to think beyond borders and beyond our lifetimes,” said Schwab, adding, “It encourages collaboration over competition, sustainability over expediency, and empathy over apathy.”

He then appointed himself and everyone else at Davos “trustees of the future.”

In some circles, this is called having a messiah complex.

As trustees of the future, we are responsible for advancing a world which is richer in possibilities, more equitable in opportunities, and more secure in its foundations. Moreover, as leaders in government, business, and society, we bear a particular responsibility to rebuild trust in how we assume our own role as trustees

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, 2024

In other words, globalists are the ones responsible for rebuilding trust because they appointed themselves as trustees of our collective future.

Schwab concluded his speech by saying:

“Trust is a fundamental pillar of our social, economic, and political lives. It is vital for cooperation, social cohesion, and effective, functioning institutions. To rebuild trust, there’s a fundamental need to embody trusteeship, which means to care for the greater good. Let’s use this annual meeting to rebuild trust by exercising our trusteeship individually and collectively for safeguarding the future of humanity and nature”

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, 2024

And with that, Schwab set the stage for the overlapping theme of rebuilding trust at this year’s WEF annual meeting in Davos.

To recap, rebuilding trust means “a commitment to action” by unelected, self-appointed trustees who act as stewards over our social, economic, and political lives.

It is the sort of elitist rhetoric that led to the people losing trust in their institutions long ago — “trust the experts, trust the science, have faith in institutions, don’t do your own research, critical thinking isn’t helping” — all of these phrases have been beaten to the point that anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear can spot the propaganda from a mile away.

Schwab’s brief speech is a continuation of the unelected globalists’ great reset agenda, coupled with the great narrative initiative meant to dictate how society and the global economy is run from the top-down by a group of unelected, self-appointed trustees who “care for the greater good” by “safeguarding the future of humanity and nature.”


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