Watch Google’s staff celebrate 10 years in Ireland

September 12, 2013


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For a company that’s been knocking ’round Dublin for 10 years it’s only proper that Google should celebrate its first decade in Ireland in a big way. So, after opening their long-awaited conference center, The Foundry, yesterday Google finally let its staff blow out the candles on the cake.

Today, Google released this video, which shows some of its 2,500 staff kicking back for birthday revelries in Ireland.

The video was made with Google employees, so look out for a few Easter Eggs – those shots of Dublin were filmed from Google Docks, the company’s largest building in Ireland. The pub is the actual Google local (or at least one of them), and the cake, well..that was real too.

Along with the video Google also released trends for Ireland, showing the keywords and phrases the Irish have been searching for over the past decade (In 2005 Gmail was the number one search term (and Bebo was fourth)…has it really been 10 years?)

And if all that wasn’t entertaining enough, just have a look at this news report about the official opening of Google Ireland, from Ireland’s national broadcaster.


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Ajit Jain

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