9 Incredible, Free Lifestyle Apps Of 2017

April 20, 2017


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Apps have quickly become something we rely on everyday while we’re working, at the gym, making up a dinner, and every other task in life to make things easier for us and to help keep us entertained.

Among some of the most popular apps in existence are lifestyle apps that help us to track our runs such as the MapMyRun app, but what’s the latest and greatest for the year of 2017?

We all know of apps such as Skype, Snapchat, and Viber, but here are some other apps you need to download to your phone that enhance sites such as craigslist, help you track mentions on the web, and so much more.


We all know of websites like craigslist with its horrendous user-interface as well as other methods of finding used goods at a cheap price. 5miles is a great app that helps you find what you’re looking for, without having to bother on a site like craigslist or using newspaper ads. There have been a number of apps that aim to do something like this, but 5miles seems to be picking up traction and may stick around. The best feature? Select the distance of your search.


OnNow is a cool app that helps bring TV Guide into the 21st century. This app will help you search through the channels to find what’s on and at what time. It’s easy to use and gives descriptions of each program with a picture attached. Once you find a show to watch, you’re able to set an alarm to remind you before it comes on so you can make sure not to miss it!


If you’re a space enthusiast, then you need to download the NASA app now. It’s beautiful. NASA has released a number of apps over the years, but this one is their main app. Here you’ll be able to browse the latest and greatest in space shots, catch up on the latest NASA space news, and watch mind-blowing videos. This should be on every space enthusiast’s phone.


If you love using Google Alerts to track when things are mentioned online, then there is a new tool that’s taking over the web and seemingly doing a better job at it. Mention tracks the web and alerts you anytime that a keyword you’re interested in is discussed. Not only that, but it blends its search with the use of social media analytical tools, giving you the best search yet.


Elevate has made improvements recently that makes it even better. This app offers training in a number of things such as listening, writing, reading, and math by having you practice with a diverse range of exercises. It will then compile all of this data from the exercises you have completed and will track your progress. This app is free, but offers a premium option for the truly dedicated users.


Did you know that Wikipedia has an app? Bring all of the knowledge in the world to your handheld device by downloading this useful app. You’ll be able to save the effort from opening up Google by simply going directly to the source. The app is fun to use and will easily keep you distracted as you binge like never before.


There are plenty of radio apps in the App Store, but SlackerRadio always seems to be better than everyone else consistently. It has tons of radio stations to choose what you’d like to listen to from Punk Rock to some R&B. This is a great app to use while at the gym, cleaning up the house, or when you’re off for a hike.


LearnVest is an impressively designed app that will help you to keep track of your financial goals in life. It will aid you in creating financial plans, educating you on personal finance, as well as keeping you up to date on your current financial accounts. The coolest aspect of this app is that it educates you on personal finance and this is where it gives this app a leg up over other similar apps. This is a free app, but premium plans will run you $299.


Hipmunk has slowly been on the rise in the travel world and rightly so. It is a travel search engine that helps you find flights and hotels. It uses information from sites such as AirBnB as well to give you diverse accommodation options. In addition to this, it offers thousands of city and hotel guides, so you know what’s going on no matter where you go.

These apps are fun and useful and fit well within the must-download category for the year of 2017 if you have need of them.


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