The role of Artificial Intelligence in revolutionizing social media marketing

September 28, 2017


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Artificial intelligence has left the realms of fantasy and entered our everyday lives in the last few years, and most of us are hardly even aware of it.

Granted, it isn’t exactly the murderous enemy of humanity that the movies had prepared us for, but it is still playing a very important role in business and security today. In fact, AI is revolutionizing business and marketing as we know it.

This brings us to social media marketing, which is without a doubt, the single most important and effective modern marketing platform for almost any business out there. There are ways in which the role of machine learning is growing every day in bringing about revolutionary (or evolutionary) changes in how we have approached social media marketing so far, and we are going to discuss some of them now.

Slack Bot

Slack bots take the guesswork out of social media marketing through analysis. They are extremely useful because of the following functional advantages:

  • Manual analysis of all content is no longer needed as they are capable of providing an accurate, thorough analysis of the same in a much shorter time
  • The analysis enables them to predict the chances of success for each piece of content being posted
  • Slack bots find similar posts on social media sites and display their rate of success, to make decisions easier

Customer Service

Although we are not yet at a stage where AI will be answering all customer queries and taking care of the problems instead of real people, they can most definitely help and make the job of the customer service executives much easier. As surveys show that most customers prefer the option of chatting or commenting on social media rather than calling for their problems, many big brands are actually using the services of AI to help customer service executives to first detect the queries and then determine which complaints should be prioritised. It is also a great way to filter out spams, bots and fake profiles on social media. Using AI to track and interact with relevant customers is good publicity and leads to conversion.

Analysis of Data

AI now plays a very important role in shaping the design of a particular marketing campaign. Collection, interpretation and analysis of data from social media platforms is key to a social media marketing campaign’s success and AI algorithms designed to do just that are being used today, instead of the manual, erroneous and limited data interpretation methods of yesterday. They can be so specific that it is possible to accurately find your target audience and cater all your marketing efforts exclusively to them, thereby cutting down on expenses and improving conversions.

No other social media platform is as big as Facebook when it comes to marketing and no other platform has implemented it in their inbuilt marketing tools as well as them either. Together with a comprehensive Facebook advertising guide and Facebook’s own range of excellent AI powered marketing tools, any business can make the most of their marketing campaigns on the social network. Machine learning is still in its infancy, though, and as it continues to grow, AI will begin to bring even more profound changes to e-marketing.


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