New look Facebook arriving tomorrow

December 5, 2010


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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, will appear on 60 Minutes later tonight where he will announce the new look Facebook profile page. The programme is due to air at 7pm PST, or 2am tomorrow morning here in Ireland.

CBS News have released a short preview video [0:55] where Lesley Stahl talks to Zuckerberg about the company and the “whole new look” coming to the world’s most popular social network. In the video Stahl also reveals that the new design is coming “very soon, starting tomorrow”.

New look Facebook profile page

Messages and strangely Poke have been given more prominence in the top right-hand corner of the page. The Wall, Info, and Photos tabs have all been positioned under the profile picture, although there is no sign of a Video link from the screenshot. Questions have been given their own prominent link, also under the profile picture, so it would make sense if Facebook Questions launches tomorrow also?

Here’s the short 60 Minutes preview video [0:55] about the announcement:


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