How businesses can leverage Instagram Stories’ polling feature

October 10, 2017


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Instagram is popular for a number of reasons, but a big factor in its success is this social media platform is able to adapt and introduce new features and options from time to time.

The innovations are usually successful. Instagram recently unveiled a brand new feature that has grabbed the attention of most users. The feature is an opportunity for every user to create a poll and add it to their Instagram stories. To put it in simple words, you can now poll Instagram users and ask for their opinion about anything that crosses your mind. The poll can be added to a video or photo and shared through Instagram stories.

Creating a poll is very simple. Once you select a video or photo that you would like to add to your Instagram story, you can choose a poll sticker and edit it with a question and a few answers. It is up to the user to create both the questions and answers and what’s even better is that you can use text or image as an answer. Users can also put the sticker on any position on the photo or video. When the poll goes live, users can check the results in real time. In addition, voters can also follow the results. After 24 hours the poll is removed.

How this affects both personal users and companies

The polling feature has already attracted many brands that are using this social media platform. They are looking for reliable marketing agencies that can provide top-notch Instagram marketing service like The Millennial Marketers.

They can use this new feature to check the opinion of their existing or new customers. Many of them believe that this is a good way to engage their followers of Instagram.

On the other hand, ordinary users find this feature entertaining. They can ask their followers and friends whatever they want. In this way, they can help themselves make some decisions like what to eat or where to go on a holiday.

Cross platform funcionality

While we are talking about the changes available on Instagram Story, we should also mention that the owner of Instagram – Facebook, has decided to allow users to share the same Story on both Facebook and Instagram. All they have to do is to record the story with the help of one of the mobile apps – Facebook or Instagram. After saving the post, you will have to publish that post two times.

There is no doubt that sharing your story on two extremely popular social networks will help you get a better exposure. Facebook introduced the Story feature a few months ago, but it seems that not many users are sharing their stories via Facebook.

By connecting these two networks, this feature should become more important to Facebook users. It is worth mentioning that this new feature is not available to every Instagram or Facebook user.


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