Air quality startup founder on modern tech fighting germs & viruses in buildings (podcast episode)

July 8, 2022


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Indoor air quality has a huge impact on our health and well-being, yet it is often overlooked. According to the WHO, roughly 3.8 million people a year die from indoor air pollution. This is a staggeringly high number, but the good news is modern tech can help us end this hidden pandemic of poor air quality. 

In today’s episode, we speak with John Bohlmann, Founder & CEO of HawkenAQ, a company that tracks and scores the air quality of commercial buildings in real-time.

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Bohlmann shares how the company established its service back in 2019 initially as a company that focused on energy-saving technology for buildings but then moved on to the mission of improving air quality after seeing how overlooked it was by the tech and construction industries. He also shares the story behind the name HawkenAQ.

Bohlmann also discusses the current state of air purification technology and talks about bipolar ionization, which uses ultraviolet purification to kill viruses in the air.

We also discuss how good air quality positively affects our health and the drawbacks of poor air quality on our health.

Additionally, Bohlmann shares what steps can be taken to improve air quality if a building identifies poor air quality inside, and he goes into detail about what we mean when we say poor air quality. 

And finally, Bohlmann shares details about what is next on the horizon for HawkenAQ as it returns back to its roots of helping buildings become more energy efficient. 

Disclosure: This episode includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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