Atlas Navi, the navigation app powered by AI and blockchain, surpasses 150,000 downloads

October 18, 2022


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The self-named app by Atlas Navi has doubled the number of downloads in its second month of being launched, surpassing the 150,000 mark.

The app, which combines technologies such as AI and blockchain, is looking to reshape the way we drive and address traffic.

Atlas Navi uses drivers’ smartphone cameras or dashcams to analyze road conditions, including traffic and collisions, with computer vision algorithms up to  25 frames per second generating 100x more data than the average navigation app. This real-time data helps the app to almost instantly warn drivers of poor road conditions ahead making enough time to accommodate safer and faster routes.

It is the first app of its kind to merge all these technologies to provide a better navigation experience.

“With 150,000 users now generating unique traffic data of real-time road conditions, we’re starting to see better routes than other navigation apps, in select cities,” said George Grama, founder and CEO of Atlas Navi.

“By rewarding drivers with an in-app economy that allows them to purchase rare NFTs, we are empowering them to create lasting value through the data they generate while making the world a better place.”

This year navigation apps experienced a material increase in downloads, growing by 18% during the second quarter. Despite the growing interest, many navigation apps continue to suggest more dangerous routes. According to a study from Texas A&M University, an 8% reduction in travel time could increase the risk of being in a crash by 23%.

On the other hand, the x-to-earn (X2E) model has become a trend that is quickly evolving.

Many industries are beginning to follow, including those of fitness and K-pop fandoms.

This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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