BitMED and Mongolia’s Ard Holdings Partner to Bring Telehealth to Central Asia

July 30, 2018


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The issues faced by America’s health care system are a constant pain for citizens in the US. It is no surprise that the US’ health care system has recently been ranked last in Health Care system performance. Fortunately, we are entering an age where data and modern technology, such as blockchain, can help.

Out of Pensylvania, Stephan Dietrich, a geneticist and entrepreneur, is helping to pioneer new processes which could help harness medical data that will transform access to health care, meaning that patients could have ‘Amazon-style’ digital access to insurance, records and treatments. However, these advancements are not entirely cutting edge when we look at other parts of the world. 

No-cost telehealth provider, BitMED, and the financial group, Ard Holdings, today announced a partnership that will provide premium on-demand healthcare via blockchain technology to Mongolia and Central Asia.

The agreement includes the portfolio companies of Ard Holdings, in particular, Mongolia’s leading general insurance provider, Ard Insurance. BitMED is currently treating patients in the US and Rwanda, while expanding its international footprint into Asia, to become the largest telehealth provider in the world.

“Mongolia and Central Asia are prime areas in need of better healthcare services. This partnership between BItMED and Ard Holdings will establish these regions as being at the forefront of the numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits of no-cost healthcare,” said Rishi Madhok, CEO of BitMED.  

BitMED will be the first telehealth service in Mongolia when it launches there in the third quarter of this year. The company delivers healthcare at scale by leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to position itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving telehealth industry.

Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt, CEO of Ard Holdings and former Vice Minister of Finance of Mongolia added: “As Mongolia develops into a global hub for blockchain innovation, we see this development as bringing immediate benefits to Mongolian people who lack access to quality medical care.”


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