Communicating with a brand has never been easier, even without Facebook

May 8, 2018


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Communication often flows like water. It follows the path of least resistance, taking the easiest and quickest path to convey a message. This is something that has been constantly reflected in advancements in technology. Given the option of paging someone versus texting them, if your intention is simply to deliver information, it would make sense to text them, quite simply because it is quicker, easier and generally more effective.

This preference for quicker and easier communication is evident in societies rapid adoption of messaging apps. While email might still stand as the more formal method of communication, companies are quickly employing the use of services such as Slack to facilitate workplace communication.

Businesses are not only waking up to the need for simpler communication within their businesses but also with their customers. At the start of 2018, Facebook messenger, with a user base bigger than Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat combined, was quickly gaining attention as a major marketing tool to connect with users and customers.

And there are notable benefits to using a quick messaging app like Facebook messenger. According to SproutSocial, Facebook Messenger earns 15 times more engagement than standard ads, appeals to 73% of your customers, which is more than a phone (44%) or email support (61%) and helps resolve issues faster and often within 42 seconds.

However, thanks to the recent avalanche of scandals surrounding Facebook, from Russian bots to Cambridge Analytica, many users are quickly ditching Facebook. This is especially true for younger users which have given birth to the viral hashtag #DeleteFacebook.

So what can be done if a company behind the freshest communication marketing tool has quickly taken a nosedive, losing users in droves? Well, there is good news, as Facebook messenger isn’t the only successful way to engage with customers and clients.

Everyware, Inc, an Austin based company is redefining payment processing and customer engagement via two-way text communication, recently announced the launch of its secure Pay By Text payment solution and Lead Gen App, at one of the world’s largest hospitality events – ARDA World 2018 Annual Convention & Expo. These products will enhance marketing and communications in the hospitality industry.

Everyware is a next-gen CRM designed to build, promote and support the relationship between consumers and businesses. The company’s communication platform provides businesses the ability to text message without ever picking up the phone.

Everyware’s solution assigns each business with a dedicated messaging number that connects directly to a phone number of choice. By using BOT and AI technology, automated responses are sent back to customers. This technology not only drives customer engagement but improves the overall customer experience. With 95% of text messages read within 3 minutes, more businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, are turning to text messaging communication.

The launch of Everyware’s new Pay By Text mobile solution will create a more certified and easy connection between buyers and sellers, by sending an immediate text message with a secure link to click to purchase. This text message opens up a two-way communication that allows a customer to text back questions or concerns to mitigate refunds. Businesses can now utilize this new payment solution to streamline the customer’s overall booking experience and response rates. Furthermore, increased communication post sale reduces buyer’s remorse by asking important questions early in the sale.

In addition to debuting the Pay by Text solution, Everyware will also introduce its Lead Gen App at this year’s ARDA Convention. Whether it is web-based or an app survey, this powerful lead generation tool can be used at any event to instantly send demographics and lead information directly to their CRM. Customers who participate in these surveys stand a chance to win prizes. Automated text reminders are sent out to drive engagement for these giveaways.

“We are excited to launch our new products at the prestigious ARDA World 2018 Annual Convention,” said Larry Talley, CEO & President of Everyware. “Our technology solutions will pave the way to higher levels of customer service and change the way we communicate.”

A simple text message can enhance the customer’s experience before, during and after their stay. By creating a mobile connection, businesses can inform guests on check-in times, room upgrades and upsell activities during their stay. According to a study done by Twilio, 79% of consumers say that fast response times make for a positive customer experience.


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