Existence of UFOs confirms advanced technology that nobody admits to having

April 28, 2020


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Disclosure on the very real existence of UFOs continues to drip from the US military, but nobody admits to having the advanced technology capable of powering Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Yesterday, the Pentagon confirmed what the US Navy confirmed last year — that three TTSA videos depicting UAP were real, with the Pentagon adding that the “the aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified.'”

But notice that the Pentagon doesn’t refer to the activity as “flying” but rather “aerial phenomena.”

The technology observed may be so advanced that these “craft” might not actually be flying so much as they are warping spacetime in order to achieve such seemingly impossible maneuvers that appear to defy the laws of physics.

The Washington Examiner is one of the few publications that actually addresses the fact that these UAP represent technological capabilities that no nation has admitted having knowledge of.

“These aircraft — they are machines — operate in ways that are beyond the known technological capacity of any Earth nation. And far in advance of our, China, and Russia’s most advanced airframes under development,” Tom Rogan wrote yesterday in the Washington Examiner.

Readers of The Sociable will recall that we were early to address the technological implications of the US Navy-confirmed footage over a year ago, and we’ve since been investigating declassified government research in an attempt to uncover what theoretical technologies could be powering these UAP.

While our coverage on UAP is not nearly as extensive as the great work produced at publications such as The Black Vault and The Drive, which go into more detail on all things UFO-related, our reporting has been focused on the technology and what that actually means for society.

UFOs as Time Machines

One theory of UFO technology we’ve touched upon is the possibility that UAP could actually be time machines that manipulate spacetime for propulsion.

It gets even weirder when we begin contemplate what it means to alter spacetime — because it raises the age-old debate on whether UFOs were built by humans or by ETs, but if spacetime can be manipulated, who’s to say that at least some UAP weren’t built by humans in the future?

Instead of coming from extraterrestrials, Montana Tech professor of biological anthropology Michael Masters hypothesizes that UAP may indeed come from “extratempestrials” — humans from the future (see above video).

The extratempestrial theory could back up why the Pentagon said that the UAP videos don’t “reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems” — because they haven’t built them yet

However, it’s a huge assumption to suggest that UFOs come from the Pentagon in the future.

Another explanation could simply be that the UAP captured in the footage is part of some undisclosed, black budget secret space program already in existence.

Declassified Defense Intelligence Research

Last year the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) declassified that it spent $22 million between 2007 and 2012 to research anti-gravity for aerospace applications, warp drive, dark energy, and the manipulation of extra dimensions, among many others — but this research occurred after some of the UAP was caught on military cameras, so the UAP footage predates the research.

But what most media doesn’t tell you is that some of these DIA documents were already leaked by a secret space program whistleblower named Corey Goode back in 2017, where they’ve been available for download on his website, Sphere Being Alliance.

According to The Black Vault, the documents Goode uploaded appeared legitimate and even contained the original name of the DIA research program — the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP) while the New York Times called it by its later official title — the Advanced Aerospace Threat and ldentification Program (AATIP).

The Black Vault author John Greenewald, Jr. said of the documents:

“I saw these documents back in late December and early January, but dismissed them as they are largely sourced/credited to Corey Goode, a very controversial figure to begin with. If they are genuine (and they may be) these documents do not appear that they were released under any official channels. So the biggest question is, “How did Corey get them?” I have not found an ‘older’ source, but am open if anyone else has.”

The Drive also reported, “the documents were in fact first posted by Corey Goode […] shortly after the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was first disclosed.”

Goode has come forward in recent years to reveal that he had participated in secret space programs while providing evidence of its existence, which can be found in his presentations on YouTube and on his website.

Warp Drives: Spacetime-Bending Technology

As a thought exercise, we at The Sociable took a look at one of the 38 research papers that the DIA had funded as part of its AAWSAP/AATIP program called “Warp Drive, Dark Energy and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions.”

Therein it explained how an advanced technology called a warp drive could theoretically bend space and time around a craft as a form of propulsion without violating the cosmic speed limit — the speed of light.

According to the authors, the technology involved in a warp drive would be able to manipulate extra dimensions in order to gain control of dark energy.

UFOs and the theoretical spacetime-bending technology behind them

A warp drive is just one example of theoretical technology that could be behind UFOs captured by military cameras, but there are many other theories about different possible technologies at play out there on the web.

As it remains, nothing has been officially confirmed about what technology is powering these craft or how they operate.

However, evidence may be found in the theories proposed in declassified government-funded research, or in classified research that the public still doesn’t have access to.

The Pentagon has now backed up the Navy’s confirmation that UAP exist, but no military nor government has claimed to develop the types of advanced technology employed by UFOs.

Who built these things, how did they do it, and what type of societal impact would such advanced technology have on the future of humanity?

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