Great Barrier Reef to get Google Street View treatment

February 23, 2012


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Google is about to let users enjoy the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef from the comfort of their own home with the Catlin Seaview Survey. The project is a collaboration between Google, the University of Queensland and the Catlin Group and will act like Google Street View for underwater life.

The project has been launched to better understand the health of the reef and how global warming is affecting the migratory behavior of tiger sharks, green turtles and manta rays.

A handful of preliminary surveys have been conducted and are available online. The main project will kickstart in September with three surveys at twenty points around the 2,300-kilometre long reef. Throughout the course of the project images will be made available through Seaview, while videos of the process will be posted on YouTube.

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Ajit Jain

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