Mexico-based 05000 using power of education to combat human error in cybersecurity

June 16, 2021


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Modern anti-malware and threat detection software solutions have become more sophisticated over the years, but the fact that human error is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches shows their effectiveness only goes as far as how properly they are utilized.

Against the backdrop of a pandemic that led to an increase in remote working and thus greater exposure to cyber risk, businesses are struggling more than ever to deal with cyber threats and protect company information since their staff are mainly outside the direct oversight of IT support teams.

A recent survey indicates that 47% of individuals fall for a phishing scam while working at home, with cyber attackers capitalizing on people’s strong interest in coronavirus-related news. According to global accounting and consulting firm Deloitte, the average cost of a data breach resulting from remote working can be as much as $137,000.

This highlights the growing importance of organizations investing in educating their workforce on security threats and best practices to reduce common human errors, ranging from using weak passwords or storing passwords in unreliable places to improper handling of sensitive data and using outdated or unauthorized software.

Mexico-based 05000 was born out of the realization that the ever-widening cyber-skills gap is one of the biggest chinks in companies’ armor against cyberattacks. In fact, a Kaspersky study shows that 52% of businesses believe employees are their primary weakness in IT security, with their careless actions putting business IT security strategy at risk.

Founded in 2020, the 05000 cybersecurity center offers a wide range of training solutions for businesses, organizations, and professionals that aims to decrease their chances of being successfully targeted by cyber criminals.

These solutions include cutting-edge services for file and data protection, tools to minimize risk and human error, consulting support in cybersecurity awareness and prevention, mentorship sessions, up-to-date educational content on emerging cyber threats, webinars, workshops, and on-demand or live training courses. It also offers a #cyberexpert diploma as part of its cybersecurity training programs.

Powered by StartupMéxico (SUM) tech hub and with a broader vision to promote Mexico as a bridge of innovation between Latin America and more developed ecosystems worldwide, the center has gathered together a team of military cyber experts, industry professionals, and educators.

The initiative is being led by Marcus Dantus, founder and CEO of Startup Mexico, who is a pioneer in e-commerce in Latin America and established the first Internet portal in the country.

He is being assisted by SUM International and 05000 director Ron Oliver, Daniel Shor who is the co-founder of delivery services provider Taimingo, and Roy Zur, CEO at Cybint Solutions.

Cybint, which serves as the strategic partner of 05000, is a global cyber education company with a commitment to reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry in cybersecurity and driven by a vision to create a safe digital world through education.

Programs offered by Cybint are designed to the specifications of national frameworks for cybersecurity workforce development, including the U.S. NIST-NICE, Israel’s Cyber Directorate, Singapore’s ICT framework, and others.

According to the World Economic Forum, “nowhere is the workforce-skills gap more pronounced than in cybersecurity.” It is hoped that projects like 05000 can help create positive changes in this crucial sector, where 3.5 million jobs are predicted to be unfilled globally in 2021, up from one million positions in 2014.


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