Modern warfare technology with ex-military sergeant turned tech CEO (Brains Byte Back podcast)

June 22, 2020


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If you have played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and asked yourself how soon before we can all run around in Iron Man-style exoskeletons, then you are not alone because we want answers here at Brains Byte Back.

In this episode, we will take a look at some of the technology that is being used in combat situations and what we can expect from the not too distant future. 

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To discuss this, we are joined by David Horesh, an expert in this industry who served in the Israeli military and counter-terrorism special forces.

He now leads the development of Toref, a smart sensor system that connects firearms to online platforms. To demonstrate the potential of this technology, Horesh highlights three past examples of conflict scenarios in Africa, Europe, and Israel, where Toref’s technology could have helped saved lives. 

In addition to this, Horesh discusses future soldier technology, how Toref’s technology stands to change the battlefield, and why 5G is so important for global politics and power.

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