SecurionPay CEO discusses how he intends to disrupt the payment processing industry

August 19, 2016


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SecurionPay CEO Lucas D. Jankowiak joins us to discuss his experience in the payment processing industry and how he intends to disrupt it.

SecurionPay is a payment gateway for online merchants and a technological middleman between a seller and a buyer. CEO Lucas Jankowiak explains his inspiration for disrupting a broken industry.

What motivates you to produce high quality services for your customers and what has been their feedback towards your company or towards you as CEO and co-Founder?

The payment processing space needs a disruption, and from my point of view the disruption can come only from the high quality services produced by SecurionPay. The whole idea of SecurionPay is to deliver our customers a unique payment experience – a mixture of easiness and flexibility is present all the time, starting from the moment of registration.

Merchants can choose from countless ways of integrating the system to find a perfect match for them and their products. Finally, SecurionPay creates a seamless end-user experience, and we know from experience that they love it and this is what they were looking for for many years.

Can you tell us what sets you apart from your competitors and what is the overall goal of SecurionPay with regards to your customers?

We provide the payment solution that gives online business owners exactly what they want. That is an extremely simple and fast integration process with powerful and clean API that developers can simply customize, and drag-n-drop wizard that makes it easy to add payments for a person without any technical skills. Also, we’re giving well-designed checkout with just a few form fields, so online shoppers type in just the essential information. What’s more, we offer “remember me” option, so they can pay with just a click. All that simplify and speed up the payment process, and that’s what online customers need.

Our goal is to boost the sales and improve our clients’ conversion by giving them the best payment gateway that meets their needs.

Does your professional background as CEO and co-Founder qualify you as a leader in your industry? How?

I’ve worked in the payment processing industry for the last 12 years evolving from the regular sales man to the COO and the Head of Sales of one of the significant player on the market. You can find more about me here.

Does SecurionPay fit into an overall trend?

Our product definitely fits into an overall trend of making business online (e-commerce), entrepreneurship (since every online entrepreneur needs a payment provider, plus as a CEO I manage my own business as well) and making the online payments process easier.

How does your product or service help to service the social side of tech?

If you think about the buying/selling process as a journey, payment (and therefore us) is in the very last step of the decision making process. Thus we’re a technological mirror of a ‘real’ merchant that you can look at and decide if you can trust her or him enough to leave them your money.


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