Streaming Platform Disctopia Launches Video Podcast Feature for All-in-One Creator Experience

July 12, 2022


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The platform is introducing the service to offer a broader range of media options for podcasters amidst the high demand for visual content.

Disctopia, a podcast hosting and streaming service for independent creators, today announces its brand new video podcast feature. This latest addition to the platform allows users to upload podcast videos and automatically add them to their Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed, thus creating an all-in-one podcast creator experience.

Image Credit: Disctopia

The focus for this new feature is to empower small podcast creators who typically find it challenging to put their content out there, build an audience, and furthermore monetize their work. Via their Disctopia account, creators can elevate their content and treat audiences to video podcasts by taking the same easy steps as uploading a standard audio podcast. The ultimate goal for Disctopia is to simplify the process of creating video podcasts—making it both easy for newbies and faster for professionals.

Video: The New Preferred Format of Media Consumption

People across the globe are consuming more video content than ever before. In fact, video has become the number 1 source of information for 66% of people. What is more, US residents spend an average of 323 minutes per week watching video content—on mobile phones alone. 

With the astronomical growth of video content, it is only natural that it has become a central part of the podcasting landscape—especially with podcasts worldwide coming in at over 2 million. Due to the growing popularity, more small businesses and individuals are jumping on the podcast wagon, making for a saturated market and a need fro podcasts to glean an edge.

With so many people competing for listeners’ attention, having video in addition to audio can help creators stand out from the competition, elevate their content, and create stronger connections with their audience. 

“We want to bring podcasters closer to their audience and offer a higher level of engagement,” said Patrick Hill, the founder of Disctopia. “Through video podcasting, podcast audiences can visualize the hosts and their guests. Most importantly, we are helping our creators dive deeper into a new demographic of listeners and viewers.”

Image Credit: Disctopia

Not only does Disctopia enable creators to host their podcast video on the platform, but it also allows them to automatically sync audio to their RSS feed. Like with regular audio podcasts, Disctopia then shares the creator’s video podcast to all podcast listening apps and directories.

Video podcasters on the Disctopia platform will also be able to leverage True Play, Disctopia’s in-depth reporting and analytics. This will offer video-specific analytics to creators, including listener location, the daily number of listeners, daily downloads, engagement, and much more, to understand how well their content is doing. 

An Equal Playing Field For All Content Creators

By 2028, podcasting is expected to become a $94.88 billion industry. In lieu of this, many podcast hosting platforms will make bold moves to position themselves as industry leaders in the podcast sphere. In April, Spotify rolled out video podcasts in 5 new markets to open up access for creators to begin publishing videos on the platform. 

Another big player in podcasting software expansion is Podcastle, the platform that converts any online article into a podcast. Recently, the company introduced a new feature that enables podcasters to conduct high-resolution video interviews or solo recordings—showing that the industry is in favor of integrating video capacities into the medium.

The intense competition that follows these evolutions will drive creative developments for the future of the podcasting medium. These developments will help creators make better and more creative content in different formats while offering audiences new ways to connect with their favorite podcasts and hosts. 

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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