Cybersecurity wisdom from the US National Guard (video series)

October 21, 2019


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With October designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, check out the videos the US National Guard is releasing on ways hackers gain access to your data.

The Wyoming Military Department has been releasing cybersecurity tips this month for people like you and I.

We wanted to share them here with you because they are short, to the point, and some have unique takeaways that you probably weren’t aware of.

Look out for a lightning cable that looks just like an iPhone charging cable, but allows someone else take over your computer remotely.

Cybersecurity Tip 1: Phishing

Cybersecurity expert Warren Burgess is the Information Security Manager for the Wyoming Army National Guard, and his first tip is on phishing… basically, be skeptical of emails that look weird and don’t download attachments.

Cybersecurity Tip 2: Public WiFi

Chance Kilgore is an incident responder for the Wyoming Military Department, cyber defense team, and here he shares the secret to using public wifi securely, which is don’t use it unless you have a secure VPN.

Cybersecurity Tip 3: Hacking iPhones is easy

Burgess is back with my favorite tip of the bunch — how hackers can hijack your iPhone if you use the wrong cable, the production of which has been outsourced to a factory.

Cybersecurity Tip 4: Secure Password Management

Kickin’ it back to Kilgore, he provides us with ideas for creating secure passwords. Apart from using different characters, numbers, and changing between uppercase and lowercase, Kilgore says password phrases that only you would know work well, too!

Hope you enjoyed the quick videos from the Wyoming Military Department. All the videos are credited to Tech. Sgt. Jacqueline Marshall of the Wyoming National Guard.

And for additional material on cybersecurity be sure to check out our Podcast with McAfee VP Candace Worley in the video below:

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