Crehana Launches iOS/Android App, Giving Students The Freedom To Develop And Master In-Demand Skills In A Fast And Practical Way

October 1, 2018


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The World Wide Web has given its users a prodigious amount of information at their fingertips. Our ability to learn new skills or improve on current ones has skyrocketed thanks to this technology. Given that the internet is indeed worldwide, counties across the globe are witnessing a sharp uptake in online courses for all manner of subjects.

For example, according to the Hindustan Times, online training will aid amateurs to help run a full Mumbai marathon. Additionally, In Wales, online training will be used for NHS nursing staff and online training is on the horizon for Ontario Snowmobilers. This is just a brief taste of the many ways online training is helping to promote knowledge in a wide variety of areas.

However, online training isn’t just isolated to learning new skills, it can also be the start of something much larger, such as launching a career. Crehana, an online training platform for creative professionals, announces the launch of its iOS/Android app with the purpose of reaching more individuals looking to learn in-demand skills, such as graphic design, digital illustration, motion graphics and 3D modelling, in a quick and practical way.

Since 2015, the Peruvian company has revolutionized creative education for Latin Americans by providing them with a project-based learning platform to dive head-first into the digital world. The platform’s short, practical courses are designed specifically for aspiring creative and digital professionals to learn the necessary skills to succeed with modern technology. Crehana also offers these professionals the ability to specialize in a particular area, and develop their own career paths, through its Creative Careers courses.

With the launch of its app, available for free on iOS and Android, Crehana wants to bring more accessibility to education by allowing students to continue learning on and offline. Developed using Swift 4, the app gives students access to buy and view their courses on the go from anywhere, anytime. They can even download videos and materials to watch when there is little or no internet access.

The Crehana app is designed to make the overall learning experience more personal by giving students the freedom and adaptation to complete a course alongside an individual’s lifestyle. To become a successful digital creative, students have to practice their skills. Therefore, with this app, students can now focus on improving their skills on their own time, which will help them complete courses quickly and in a more efficient manner.

4G adoption across Latin America has accelerated over the last few years, with the number of smartphone users expected to reach 270.1 million by 2020. One-fifth of young Latin Americans, 30 million people, are neither employed nor in education or training. Educational apps could therefore be the perfect solution to Latin America’s growing skills shortage and help educate individuals in a needed high-level trade.

“At Crehana, we want to educate the next generation of digital professionals by offering them a fast and practical solution to develop new skills,” said Diego Olcese Diaz, CEO and founder of Crehana. “The app therefore allows us to reach more individuals and give them a greater freedom in when and where they want to complete the course and learn these new skills.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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