Transforming Search: First Machine-Assisted SEO Tool Launches for Ecommerce

May 23, 2017


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Search Engine Optimization is now being assisted by machines thanks to the launch of a new machine-assisted SEO tool for ecommerce websites.

Rather than manually auditing and implementing SEO practices on each of a site’s pages, an AI for SEO platform implements these strategies and indexes multiple pages in a fraction of the time.

Content delivery network and AI for SEO platform Ranksense has launched a machine-assisted SEO tool that will help ecommerce sites increase search rankings, scale and accelerate their technical implementations, create compelling search snippets, conduct experiments, and measure their return on investment.

But does this mean that SEO specialists are out of the job? The answer is not likely anytime soon as the new optimization tool is only “assisted” by machines, just as the name implies.

Ranksense’s machine-assisted technology does not eliminate human empathy, but rather supports human messages.

For example, on a retail website with thousands of products, it would take someone months to manually update each page. Machine-operated tools can scale personal work across these pages by maintaining control and approval in human hands.

Humans, for now, are safe.


Hamlet Batista, CEO of Ranksense

As far as competition is concerned, CEO Hamlet Batista says Ranksense’s new AI tool isn’t about competing with companies within the search sector, but rather about using “innovative machine intelligence technology to help the industry.”

The primary users of this technology have been large enterprises, mid-size and large B2C and B2B online retailers. These businesses find value in automated search engine optimization technology as most have small teams operating large websites with many dynamic pages.

Batista continued, “In our monthly benchmark study on SEO revenue performance, we found that B2C marketers who are using our machine-assisted platform have seen SEO revenue increase by as much as 85%.”

“Eventually we expect companies across all categories such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment to adopt our software for its real-time, fast-execution-oriented approach that validates what actually works within SEO strategies,” predicts Batista.


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