Sharing made easy with Firefox and F1

November 11, 2010


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Sharing a page on Twitter using F1

Sharing a page on Twitter using F1

Mozilla, the makers of the popular web browser Firefox, have released an add-on designed to make sharing content on the web “easy, safe and fast”. The new service, called F1, is an effort by Mozilla to combat the unsightly and confusing array of share buttons found on the majority of today’s websites.

Once the add-on is installed users can click the small F1 icon in the top-right-hand corner of their browser. This opens the F1 share frame above the page’s content. From here users can either share the page on Twitter, Facebook or by email, all within a few simple clicks.

Here’s a demo from Mozilla on new F1 feature:

In a Mozilla Labs blog post Bryan Clark stated that the service is still being developed and expanded:

“The long-term story, however, is that the system should know which sharing service you use, and offer to use those! That will require sharing services to advertise to the browser that they offer a sharing API and the browser to see which services you use.

“Furthermore, sharing is not a standardized activity, so some protocol is likely needed for user agents to offer users the service they want without having to know about all of them.”

We’re quite impressed by this solution from Mozilla. It’s evident they understand that the current slew of share buttons is unsustainable. Share you thoughts in the comments.


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Albizu Garcia

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