The transformative power of psilocybin on the Brains Byte Back podcast

June 8, 2020


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In this final installment of The New Era of Psychedelics, exploring scientific research, therapies, and the potential benefits of psychedelic compounds and plant medicines in our societies, Brains Byte Back co-host, Mags Tanev, interviews Tim Hinchliffe, the editor of The Sociable

They discuss how Hinchliffe first became interested in psilocybin, some of his most transformative trips, set and setting, and what we can learn from cultures that have incorporated and integrated psychedelics into their societies for thousands of years.

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For years, Hinchliffe has produced numerous articles for The Sociable highlighting the potential of psilocybin, including interviews with cutting-edge researchers and drug developers to his own experiences with the mushroom and the hidden wisdom that was downloaded.

Magic mushrooms as a cyberdelic technology for hacking consciousness

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