AutonomIQ Unveils CIO/CTO Advisory Board with Members from Leading Global Enterprises

October 16, 2018


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AutonomIQ, a cloud platform that uses AI and machine learning for autonomous testing, today announced the formation of its CIO/CTO Advisory Board, an experienced board of technology and operating executives to advise AutonomIQ on strategy and product vision, and drive awareness for autonomous software engineering in global enterprises. The advisory board is comprised of executives from different industry segments, geography, size, and technological maturity, providing a diverse perspective on product vision and scaling the business.

Founding advisory board members include:

  • Naresh Shanker, former CIO at HP
  • Alan Kisling, Partner at Consequent and former VP of IT at Coca Cola
  • Mikey Butler, SVP Engineering at NewRelic
  • Ralph Loura, former CTO at Rodan + Fields
  • Raymond Oral, former CIO at CNA Insurance

AutonomIQ has pioneered the industry’s first “Autonomous Testing” platform that uses AI for autonomously testing and detecting quality issues in software products. By introducing autonomous testing in the software engineering and IT lifecycle, AutonomIQ helps development teams test 10x faster than approaches that use traditional test automation tools and improve coverage 2-3x at scale.

“The AutonomIQ team and their AI testing platform will have a profound impact on developer productivity, enabling companies to deliver higher quality solutions at much faster go-to-market cycle times,” said Naresh Shanker. “I am excited for the future of the company.”

“If I had a platform like AutonomIQ when I was rolling out SAP at Coca-Cola, I would have saved months of effort and millions of dollars scaling it across our business,” said Alan Kisling. “I am excited to see Autonomous Testing become a key part of IT’s toolbelt.”

“This is an exciting time for Engineering and IT leaders as advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are delivering value in ways never before possible,” said Mikey Butler, senior vice president, engineering, New Relic. “Being part of the AutonomiQ’s Advisory Board gives us an opportunity to be part of setting the future of how some of the innovations in AI can be applied to solving real problems in software engineering and development. Ultimately, the success of our vision and execution will increase the value of every dollar we spend in delivering world class software products.

“Many people mistakenly assume automation is about cost. For me cost is secondary. The reason I was attracted to the team and technology at AutonomIQ is that with the velocity and complexity of enterprise technology today, testing quality, completeness and accuracy is the bigger challenge. AutonomIQ’s approach translates to better and faster outcomes with dramatically fewer gaps or oversights that are inherent in human based processes,” said Ralph Loura.

“Legacy companies find it increasingly difficult to maintain mission-critical legacy processes while building new digital business functions,” said Raymond Oral. ”I am excited to help AutonomIQ build their business to help CIOs in similar positions leverage AI to overcome the constraints of their existing processes and have the capacity to execute on their digital strategies. More recent insights for me as the COO of a fledgling start-up reinforce the need to automate first and not succumb to manual processes. A well understood approach for leveraging AI in this journey is absolutely critical.”

“When we started AutonomIQ, we noticed the incumbents weren’t innovating and the innovators weren’t enterprise-grade,” said Ram Shanmugam, Co-founder and CEO of AutonomIQ. “It is powerful and humbling to benefit from the wealth of operating experience of our CIO/CTO advisory board and we look forward to leveraging their first-hand knowledge to shape delightful product experiences for our customers and the industry.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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