Founder Showcase to feature 8 startups this December

November 30, 2021


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Founder Institute will feature 8 founders at its Founder Showcase this December 1st, and will feature New York Times Best-Selling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and Moves the Needle CEO Brant Cooper as its Keynote Speaker.

The event can be registered at here.

The companies being showcased from Founder Institute (FI) span across industries such as enterprise software, dating and more.

Many of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team, get their first customers, and to raise funding.

With the mission to “Globalize Silicon Valley,” the Founder Institute launched over 10 years and has helped entrepreneurs launch hundreds of promising companies — “many of whom are some of the world’s fastest growing startups,” according to the organization.

As an international pre-seed startup pitch event, the Founder Showcase gives attendees an opportunity to see pitches from up-and-coming startups. As a result, leading tech businesses like Udemy, Relay Rides, Thumbtack, Realty Mogul, Kaggle, and others gave some of their first public pitches on the Founder Showcase stage, and previous presenters have gone on to raise over $1.5 billion in funding.

Keynote Speaker Brant Cooper

The 8 startups featured at Founder Showcase include:

Founder & CEO: Matt Riback

Dreamfully, based in LA, is a science-backed enterprise wellness tool that helps employees take deep breaths as easy as scrolling TikTok.

Founder: Chetan Nagendra 

Quoqo, based in Bangalore, India, provides Plug and Play Legal Infrastructure to Growing Businesses, Globally.

Co-Founder: Emma Clark

The Sauce, based in London, is an app that helps Gen Z to date exceptionally and without the bias of photo based apps.

Founder & CEO: Dallas Barnes

Reya Health, based in Toronto, provides personalized guides to help navigate the female birth control journey and find the right option.

Co-Founder & CEO: Malcolm Woods

FareUpThere, based in Houston, is the flight booking and travel survey platform helping airlines get better feedback and demographics data on their passengers.

Co-Founder & CEO: Jonathan Lamer 

Moduly, based in Montreal, is a smart energy storage platform that optimizes personal capacity and generation from the grid and solar to your advantage.

Co-Founder & CEO: Shilpa Sharma

Flyte, a US based company, is an AI powered platform that automatically generates well-organized meeting notes and action items for sales teams.

Founder & CEO: Bre Cruickshank

Radical Girl Gang, based in Austin, is the online marketplace to discover, support and shop emerging women-owned brands.



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