Hippo.Build has special offer up for grab for construction SMEs to optimize operations cost-effectively

November 30, 2021


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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the construction sector who are unable to afford expensive IT software solutions can take advantage of a special offer from Hippo.Build until December 6 and start streamlining their operations in a cost-effective way.

Bogota, Colombia-based Hippo.Build was born this year to address the challenge that construction SMEs, who typically have limited resources, are forced to hire different providers for different departments, which complicates the collaboration and innovation process.

The lack of a 360-degree enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, negatively impacts SMEs’ ability to meet their deliverables and budget, according to Hippo.Build.

The company, which is expanding to the US, has developed middleware and budget-friendly ERP solutions with integration capabilities that can help construction companies optimize their processes without making any internal changes such as removing their existing tech or staff, buying new software, or retraining team members.

Hippo.Build says their automation solutions help clients enjoy increased collaboration, lower chances of costly risks, and enhance operating speed—which helps to directly improve their bottom line.

Hippo.Build connects with financial institutions, materials service providers, and other marketplaces to seamlessly distribute their products to the SME construction market.

Special offer

SMEs operating in the construction field can benefit from Hippo.Build’s new subscriber offer and be part of a pilot offer of three months.

If they register before December 6, they get three free trial months and three additional months at 50% off.

Solutions like Hippo.Build are highly relevant, as 98% of engineering and construction companies agree that digital solutions are critical to the future viability of their company. Especially in a post-pandemic world where construction has had to evolve alongside pretty much every other industry.

With workplace productivity strengthened by 20-30% through online collaboration tools and digital workplaces, a need to digitize behind-the-scenes operations in construction is demonstrated. This will help to provide an accessible channel to streamline the many different teams that make a construction job possible.

Industry ‘gatekeepers’

Hippo.Build essentially aspires to become the “gatekeepers” of the SME construction industry and is positioning its software as an “integration player”, which makes other software providers in this field their “suppliers” rather than “direct competitors”.

The company is led by CEO Mads Schmidt Petersen and CTO Alberto Gonzalez.

Hippo.Build CEO Mads Schmidt Petersen

Petersen is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in construction, fintech, insurance, and banking and has specialized knowledge of product development. Gonzalez has a decade-long experience in back-end development and building technical products.

Apart from perfecting its software-as-a-service business model, Hippo.Build has several other long-term plans, including providing artificial intelligence solutions for architecture, planning, and sourcing products.

To realize their vision, the company has partnered with Colombia’s largest construction association, which will act as a sales channel.

Vast opportunities

With more than 85% of construction contractors using or planning to use cloud-based solutions, great opportunities for evolution and adaptation seem to be awaiting Hippo.Build in the construction sector. 

The facts are clear—connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability.

Construction SMEs who are interested in knowing more about how Hippo.Build enables them to run their companies more efficiently while increasing their profits can visit their website here. Their special subscription offer can be claimed by December 6.


Disclaimer: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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