Google introduces Zavers, a relevance-based digital coupon solution

January 14, 2013


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Retailers and manufacturers will receive a first-hand demonstration of Google’s new digital coupon solution – Zavers by Google – that allows them to rewards loyal customers with targeted and relevant digital coupons.

Google is demonstrating Zavers today and tomorrow (January 14-15) at the annual National Retail Federation Convention & Expo in New York.

Zavers’ unique selling point, as Google describes it, lies in its ability to offer “real-time data [that] gives manufacturers new ways to measure coupon redemptions and analyze consumer preferences”. This allows manufacturers and retailers to better “manage distribution, tailor campaigns, and optimize budgets for maximum ROI [return on investment]”.

Consumers visit a participating retailer’s website and find manufacturer discounts that interest them, which they save to their accounts. The consumer then checkouts as normal with coupon savings automatically deducted and redeemed in real-time when a rewards card or phone number is supplied. Manufacturers only pay once a sale has been guaranteed on retailers’ websites.

Zavers joined Google’s Commerce team way back in September 2011 when the company acquired it for an undisclosed fee.

Google states that it will announce partnerships with a “number of other major retailers” in the coming months, after welcoming D’Agostino earlier this month.

Zavers by Google is limited to the United States for now.


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