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February 15, 2023


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NT CONNECT has just announced the launch of its app,, in a new web-based format. The browser version offers users the opportunity to explore media influence through its personalized scoring and media bias detection systems. 

Let’s face it, journalism can be biased. It’s human nature to be influenced by our culture and language, and that can come through in the way we report on things.

That being said, there are a variety of biases that can lead journalists down a dangerous path. Market-oriented bias is one such pitfall, where the need for sensational headlines can override objective reporting.

Political bias is another, where personal beliefs and affiliations can skew the story in one direction. And then there’s pack journalism, where journalists conform to the prevailing narrative of their peers. is using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to analyze and detect different types of bias in news articles, with the aim of promoting transparency and trust in the news media landscape. By providing readers with valuable insights and the ability to make informed decisions, seeks to mitigate the effects of manipulation, and to empower users to navigate the complex and often overwhelming environment of news media. 

Garry Paxinos, CTO at NT CONNECT. Photo Credit: LinkedIn

Said Garry Paxinos, CTO at NT CONNECT, “By objectively analyzing language, we avoid the subjective bias found in other approaches. As opposed to subjectively labeling misinformation, our approach is to illuminate how one can be manipulated with exaggerated headlines, revision history, and text of articles.” 

A recent survey showed that just over half of all journalists (55%) believe that not all sides of a story deserve equal coverage. This is in stark contrast to the 22% of Americans who feel the same way. 

Additionally, a whopping 76% of Americans believe that journalists should always strive for equal coverage of all sides.

The issue of bias in journalism is a complex and challenging one. While it is true that all journalism is to some degree shaped by personal biases, the challenge is to ensure that reporting remains accurate, objective, and unbiased.

With the advent of advanced AI and machine learning technology, there is an opportunity to mitigate the effects of biased reporting and promote transparency and trust in the news media landscape. 

While the challenge of balancing personal biases with objective reporting will continue to be a central issue in the world of journalism, tools like AI represent a step towards achieving greater accuracy, objectivity, and accountability in the news media industry.

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