Publicize names Craig Corbett Chairman in move that shows further sign the consulting industry is bouncing back in 2024

July 5, 2024


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2023 was a challenging time for many industries, yet growth and profitability in the consulting industry was perhaps one of the worst affected areas. 

As the economic slowdown began to play out globally following the fallout from the pandemic, the negative ramifications included supply chain disruption, a labor market in flux, and geopolitical unrest.

In turn, low investment activity and high interest rates due to these market conditions caused the corporate world to tighten its purse strings and scrutinize spending. 

These reasons, among others, were why the consulting industry was hit so hard last year. Yet whether it’s advice on entering a new market or publicizing an innovative product line, consultants can be a lifeline for businesses and can help to boost their profit margins. 

Now, halfway through 2024, the signs are showing that the industry is picking up again as leaders and corporations look to take advantage of the warmer economic climate after years of austerity. 

Publicize, a global PR agency with a power niche supporting high-value, high-growth tech startups and enterprises, is one example of a consultancy showing positive signs. Its leadership team has just named Craig Corbett Chairman of the company in a move that’s sure to strengthen the PR agency even further. 

The Scotland-born, Barcelona-based PR professional

Corbett first joined Publicize in 2014, playing an instrumental role in its strategic growth of the years. The Scotland-born, Barcelona-based PR professional is a Partner and now Chairman at the company, and was previously Principal and head of partnerships for the organization.

Corbett, who graduated from the University of Glasgow, also serves as a Mentor at the prestigious entrepreneurship programs at the University of Oxford and Yale University.

He leads the company’s Spain office, and has been a conference speaker on PR at leading events including Pioneers Festival, Pirates Summit, and TechChill.

Corbett has written for publications including Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch and others. 

PR firm for startups and enterprise

Publicize, the PR firm at which Corbett has just been named as a Chairman, works with technology startups and Fortune 2000 enterprises with specialized service offerings for the publicity the specific needs of each company.

The company currently holds offices in Spain, Colombia and the US, where its international team works to help startups, enterprises and growing businesses from all over the world achieve media exposure using digital PR services, thought leadership, social media and other marketing strategies.

In addition to its consultancy, the company’s events arm works alongside organizations like Stanford University and international think-tank Horasis, among others.

The also company hosts a highly successful event series called Connect which are held both online and in strategic cities worldwide to help startup founders forge key ties with the media and deepened their understanding about the difference between company updates and newsworthy stories. 

The company’s mission is to help startups and technology enterprises leverage digital PR for growth.

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