BBC iPlayer coming to Windows Phone, possibly next month

May 25, 2012


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BBC iPlayer on Xbox

BBC iPlayer on Microsoft Xbox

The BBC’s hugely popular video on-demand service, BBC iPlayer, will be coming to Windows Phone users in the “next few weeks”, according to a report by The Inquirer.

BBC iPlayer is already available on Android, Blackberry and iOS, on every major game console, and on a myriad of connected TVs, digital television service providers and media players.

The Inquirer cites a Nokia staff member speaking at a Nokia Lumia 610 launch in London yesterday as the source of this information. Microsoft had previously confirmed that the iPlayer would arrive on Windows Phone at some point, but this admission from Nokia gives us a more informed time-frame of arrival – probably around mid-June.

“BBC iPlayer is expected to arrive on Windows Phone within the next few weeks, a sign that the Windows Phone Marketplace is attracting more developers.”

No other specific details have been revealed. While this announcement has been made by a Nokia representative, BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone is not expected to be exclusive to Nokia handsets.

At the same event, Leila Martine, director of Windows Phone revealed that the Windows Phone Marketplace has grown to around 85,000 apps, and is witnessing 100 new additions every day.


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