Sports and Entrepreneurship: The stars behind startups and the startup making new stars

April 30, 2018


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As many cereal boxes demonstrate, sports stars have always had a close relationship with businesses. These stars embody the perfect message for businesses to promote their brand as the image for many of these athletes is synonymous with success. And this isn’t just restricted to traditional business either, as the line between sports and entrepreneurship becomes increasingly thin.

It was recently announced that tennis star Caroline Wozniacki became the first female athlete to endorse a blockchain startup. On top of this, a Chicago based startup Cameo is now letting customers buy personalized messages from celebrities, including 1,400 athletes, musicians, social media influencers, and more, all of whom set their own price per message and get 75% of the cut.

However, while there are many startups out there looking to monetize the stardom of these great athletes, there is one startup which is more focused on bringing stardom and success to the next generation of athletes. Cleatchaser is the first mobile app connecting athletes of all ages and levels with scouts and recruiters to help them further their career and success within their given sport. The app’s social-based platform provides rising athletes with the opportunity to showcase their abilities, allowing them to move one step closer to their dream of competing at the collegiate and professional level.

Cleatchasers free mobile sports app is designed to showcase athletes’ skills, get discovered by recruiters, cheered on by fans, and advance their athletic careers. The app has three user interfaces:


  • Athlete users can upload videos from their gallery on to their profile. App features also allow athletes to trim and edit their clips to focus on specific athletic skills or moments.
  • Athletes can list their metrics on their profile.

Verified Scouts:

  • Scout users go through a verification process that, once complete, gives them the unique – and exclusive – ability to view an athlete user’s eligibility credentials and initiate a Direct Message conversation with them.


  • Fan users can freely message other fan users, as well as like, comment, and follow athletes and their progress.
Antonio Ardila

Antonio Ardila

The most popular videos, uploaded by athletes from around the world, are ranked and broadcasted on a Featured Page. In addition, the app’s radial filter shows where in the world the videos are being uploaded from.  

“Cleatchaser understands that it’s not always the best athlete who gets recruited, but at times the more well known one,” said Antonio Ardila, CEO and founder of Cleatchaser. “Through the Cleatchaser app, an athlete’s talent will never again suffer from a lack of exposure.”

The app is currently available for iOS and the Google Play store.


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