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September 26, 2012


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Believe it or not, in 2011 Guinness was one of the most mentioned terms on Twitter; making it one of the most talked about Irish brands on the site. So, with the global expansion of the company’s ever popular Arthur’s Daywe might just be seeing the Pint of Plain making another appearance on Twitter’s yearly stats list.  But before that happens let’s have a look at just how big the 2012 Arthur’s Day celebrations are.

Arthur’s Day Music

On Arthur’s Day 2012 over 500 drum kits, 750 guitars, 800 microphones, 6 baby Grand pianos, and 65 turntables will be used. There will be over 1,350 hours (that’s 81,000 minutes) of live performances. View large image.

Guinness Arthur's Day Music Stats

Guinness Arthur’s Day Music Stats

Arthur’s Day & charity

This Arthur’s day Guinness will donate €5 to the Arthur Guinness Fund for every Facebook check-in made at an Arthur’s Day music events in Ireland. The global Arthur Guinness Fund has invested almost €8 million to date; in 2010 the company committed over €3 million to be distributed via with Ashoka. The company has already committed almost €8 million to multiple social entrepreneurs and their projects around the world. View larger image.

Guinness Arthur's Day charity statistics

Guinness Arthur’s Day charity statistics

Arthur’s Day around the world

During Arthur’s Day 2012 millions of people across the world will once again toast Arthur. Some 55 countries including Great Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Caribbean nations, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, will all join in the celebrations to mark the philanthropic legacy of Arthur Guinness. Arthur’s Day will also be broadcast in over 100 countries. View large image.

Guinness Arthur's Day around the world

Guinness Arthur’s Day around the world.

Arthur’s Day in Ireland

This Arthur’s Day in Ireland all 32 counties of Ireland are taking part with over 500 free Arthur’s Day music events taking place in local pubs. Some 606 home grown and international artists are performing on the night in the country. Over 70,000 people voted for their local pubs to host an Arthur’s Day headliner. Eight Arthur’s Day TV Specials will take place in pubs in Cork, Dublin and Belfast on Arthur’s Day. View large image.

Guinness Arthur's Day in Ireland

Guinness Arthur’s Day in Ireland


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