Skype most popular video calling app on Android, hits 70 million downloads

June 25, 2012


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Skype is the most popular video calling application on Android, having exceeded 70 million downloads since launching initially on Google’s mobile platform on October 5, 2010.

Skype’s video calling capabilities didn’t actually arrive on Android until this time last year, but since then Skype has established itself as the de facto application for staying connected via live video. Other alternative video calling applications for Android include Fring, Qik, Tango and Yahoo Messenger.

Ubiquity has helped Skype climb the popularity pecking on Android, supported on 1,384 unique Android devices. Samsung and HTC are among the most popular of these, illustrating the close relationship that both manufacturers have with Android.

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 accounts for 8.92% of all Skype for Android downloads. With record sales predicted for its successor, the Galaxy S3, Skype’s popularity is sure to increase further among Samsung device users.

Considering countries, the United States is the largest user base for Skype for Android, standing at 23.36%. This is followed by Japan on 6.96%, Russia on 5.18%, Germany on 4.97% and the United Kingdom on 4.71%.

English is by far the most common language among Skype for Android users, with 39.51% of all users selecting English as their preferred language. The succeeding most common languages closely mirror Skype for Android top countries with Japanese, Russian and German next in line.

Skype for Android infographic, June 2012


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