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June 24, 2012


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Facebook has begun to display Facebook ads on, the first time the company has done so on any domain other than

Inside Facebook were first to notice the ads, which include the usual personalised Facebook ads and Sponsored Stories.

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Facebook ads on is the social gaming company’s off-Facebook games destination. The site now displays one Facebook ad in its sidebar, replacing a Google AdSense ad placement, although Google ads are still served further down the page.

A short entry in Facebook’s Help Centre reads,

“When you connect with Facebook on, you’ll see personalized ads and sponsored stories. The Facebook ads you see on Zynga are the same ads you see on”

Both Zynga and Facebook share the resulting ad revenue, however the share percentages of this agreement are unknown.

Facebook declined to comment whether we’d begin to see Facebook ads on other third-party websites in the future, but didn’t rule it out,

“We have had a close relationship with Zynga for a number of years and we think we can deliver value to Zynga and to the people playing their games by showing the same ads that they see on Facebook. We will not be showing ads on other sites at this time.”


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