What was the first ever tweet?

March 21, 2011


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Twitter (@twitter), the popular micro-blogging service, is celebrating its fifth birthday today. While much can be said about the platform’s phenomenal organic evolution since 2006, many question what was the first ever tweet tweeted on Twitter?

On March 21, 2006 Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) published the following simple tweet:

In case you’re wondering, the second tweet published on Twitter was by co-founder Isaac Stone (@biz)

In fact, the first eight tweets ever were identical, with the eighth tweet coming from former Twitter CEO Evan Williams (@ev) iterating the same message.


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Albizu Garcia

Albizu Garcia is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gain -- a marketing technology company that automates the social media and content publishing workflow for agencies and social media managers, their clients and anyone working in teams.


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