8ninths offers brief escapes to the enchanting world of virtual reality

January 19, 2016


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Virtual Reality Studio, 8ninths has launched a groundbreaking VR experience that takes users on wondrous, dream-like journeys without leaving home.

One of the first new ‘Concepts’ in the Samsung Gear VR Oculus Store, the free app offers a unique and proprietary “Short Form VR” experience.

Arriving in a personal holodeck, the VR experience dubbed “THE BOX” recreates the fun of receiving and opening a mysterious gift in a virtual format.

The first experience available, the Winter Box, takes viewers on an enchanting journey through a snowy, star-filled landscape where they sit by an open fire and meet a friendly mother bear and her playful cub.

THE BOX will be available on Cardboard VR and other platforms this year, and, as its repertoire grows, VR viewers will receive new boxes tailored to their interests and experience a whole range of new creative realities.

In much the same way that Twitter and Instagram have transformed the way we consume the written word and photography, 8ninths aims to change our concept of the VR experience, with what they call Short Form VR – a bite-sized and easy way to access VR.  

“THE BOX is our vision for the future of Virtual Reality,” said founding member of Microsoft Live Labs and 8ninths CEO Adam Sheppard.

“This novel ‘Short Form VR’ format has the potential to become the predominant way to receive and relive VR experiences. These brief escapes from the real world are almost like a daydream, changing your mood and environment for a short time — without having to spend hours wearing a headset.”

Digi-Capital forecasts that augmented and virtual reality will be a $120 billion Market by 2020. With more than $1 billion USD invested in the industry over the past year, 2016 will be a landmark year for VR tech, and we will see a number of new platforms in stores such as Cardboard VR, Oculus, HTC Vive, Hololens and Magic Leap.

8ninths is working with many leading brands to create original and entertaining branded boxes as well as extending the App to other emerging VR Platforms.

“As marketers explore the potential for Virtual Reality, ‘Short Form VR’ is the perfect way to engage an audience in an immersive way and bring them experiences aligned with both their users and their brand. Whether it’s an airline sponsoring a box that takes you to a far off destination or an outdoor wear brand taking you to the top of Everest, it’s a whole new approach to digital marketing,” added Sheppard.


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