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May 19, 2022


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The pandemic profoundly affected many aspects of our lives, and our jobs were no exception. With the work population shifted over to a screen, and with it looking like it will stay there to some degree, cloud ecosystems have become an increasingly required asset in the modern business world. In fact, more than 80% of workloads last year were stored in the cloud.

Outside of need, the expectations for cloud providers have significantly increased as well. For example, it is the sixth year in a row that cloud cost optimization is a top priority for companies. Clearly, companies are now asking that their cloud affiliates do more for less. This has caused many in the cloud industry to come together to innovate in order to meet these escalated demands.

The best of the best in the industry were recently highlighted by CloudBlue, a leading cloud ecosystem technology company, in its 2022 Partner Awards. The awards recognize worldwide customers who demonstrate outstanding innovation, performance, advocacy, and sales success. Let’s take a look at what these companies are doing for the future of the cloud. 

The 2022 CloudBlue Partner Award Winners by Category

CloudBlue Innovator of the Year

This year’s CloudBlue Innovator of the Year is Vuzion, a partner that has demonstrated the ability to drive innovation using the CloudBlue ecosystem, empowering their business customers to do more. 

Vuzion has displayed these qualities as a forward-thinker, having grown its indirect business practice from being practically nonexistent less than 5 years ago to its direct business practice expanding into two new territories – the US and MENA. What is more, Vuzion’s direct business has gained more than 70% of its revenue.

An innovative cloud aggregator, Vuzion delivers best-of-breed, hand-picked cloud solutions through their unique partner ecosystem. The company looks to ensure the best possible foundation for cloud partners by building and developing future-proof business foundations.

CloudBlue Visionary Partner of the Year

Liberty LATAM is a new partner that has demonstrated excellence in its vision and implementation of the CloudBlue platform. As a result, it has taken home CloudBlue’s Visionary Partner of the Year Award. With an aim to deliver growth and impact, this honor is to recognize the communications company’s powering of innovation across businesses.

Liberty LATAM’s intrinsic understanding of CloudBlue capabilities has been evident since the outset of 2021. The company has developed an innovative multi-cloud offering as a Managed Service Provider, accelerating its go-to-market strategy, investing in new technology and initiatives, and formulating internal organizations to support its end-to-end customer experiences. 

Helping to satiate the needs for this service across the Caribbean and Latin America, Liberty LATAM’s growth mindset has allowed them to position a large spectrum of innovative solutions. These growing solutions span public cloud, private cloud, SaaS services, and end-to-end experience in the multi-cloud ecosystem, with an ultimate goal to continue expanding their XaaS offering in the mid-term. 

CloudBlue’s Breakthrough Partner of the Year

Vodafone New Zealand is a long-term partner of CloudBlue who has experienced immediate, breakthrough success by using assisted sales and CloudBlue services—putting them in the position to be awarded breakthrough partner of the year.

Partnering with CloudBlue to build a new platform that is fully integrated into Vodafone New Zealand’s existing business systems and processes, the company utilized CloudBlue’s offerings to the utmost capacity by also working with the Go To Market (GTM) team. Utilizing this repeatable delivery model, Vodafone onboarded three vendors on the new platform, which included relationships with two new vendors and training for service desk.

With the new platform strongly in place, Vodafone New Zealand looks forward to utilizing an efficient go-to-market engine alongside its improved service offerings.

Coming Together in The Cloud

CloudBlue’s event marked the company’s first live event in two years, bringing industry experts and leaders together in Miami Beach from May 17th-19th

“In the two-year forced hiatus separating our last partner awards ceremony from the announcement of this year’s winners, the world has been dramatically transformed,” said Tarik Faouzi, senior vice president at CloudBlue.

“But as we reflect on the lessons learned and lives lost during the pandemic, we look towards the future and draw strength from the innovative spirit that has helped reshape the world during this particularly difficult and challenging period of radical transformation. Our channel partners: resellers, MSPs, ISDs, SIs, and telcos – are the true driving force behind our goal to build powerful ecosystems for XaaS businesses to thrive. ”

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) already grew in adoption to 56% in 2020, with those numbers only escalating since the onset of the remote work world. With cloud partners coming together and joining forces to provide better collective services, a new era for cloud services can emerge. 

For more information, check out the awards website.

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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