GROW YOUR TECH STARTUP’s wealth tracking app launches out of beta to provide investors with a straightforward overview of portfolio performance

May 24, 2022


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Doug Boneparth, President of Bone Fide Wealth, CNBC contributor, and self-proclaimed ‘NYC’s financial advisor for millennials, young professionals, and entrepreneurs,’ is known for his tongue-in-cheek tweets about investing, personal finance, and the state of the markets. 

In light of the recent precipitous downturn in nearly every traditional investment sector (as well as cryptos), a red-hot housing market where homes in middle-class neighborhoods filled with trash and squatters are selling above their asking price for close to a million dollars cash, all while the deleterious effects of inflation and rising living costs now burin through any stimulus money you might have stuffed into your mattress during the pandemic, Bonepath satirically tweeted: “The good news is once your portfolio goes to $0 its recession-proof.” 

If you’re an investor, right now it may feel as though a perfect storm of economic uncertainty has coalesced to not just smash your nest egg, but blow down the tree the nest is built in.

Additionally, keeping track of your money in a choppy sea of apps, services, and spreadsheets, makes it difficult to view the overall performance of your portfolio and assess when, where, and how to hedge your investments across asset classes.

Savvy investors, undeterred by wall-to-wall bearish forecasting and eager to get a holistic overview of their wealth creation, will appreciate’s personal finance app, then.

In their recent launch out of beta,’s newly re-designed app now offers savers and investors a straightforward and comprehensive overview of their portfolio’s performance while unlocking new financial opportunities.

Additionally,’s app adheres to the highest standards of privacy, encryption, and security protocols to give investors the peace of mind they need to take calculated risks with their investments. 

Shai Azran. Photo Credit: LinkedIn

“With each iteration of our app’s development, we accrue the insight passed to us from individuals and financial institutions around the world to ensure the new features are continuously added, while we ease access to the strongest investment opportunities available,” said Shai Azran, Co-Founder and CEO at Claritus.’s portfolio management interface includes new and familiar investment vehicles with an emphasis on alternative investments. These include securities, real estate, cryptocurrencies, private equity, VC, and employee stock ownership plans (ESOP). Lending and saving options will include mortgages, loans, withdrawals/deposits, cash, certificate of deposits, collectibles, and personal business accounts. 

With over $3 billion in assets supported, provides both seasoned institutions and novice investors the tools and information they need to gain full control of their money from a single convenient interface and truly serve as a beacon in the dark in times of continued economic uncertainty.

This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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