“We feel that AI will assist the creatives – not replace them”: One startup’s optimistic view of an AI future

June 11, 2018


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Fears surrounding AI taking over the workforce are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society. Recent statistics show that 25% of Brits are fearful of losing their jobs to AI. However, there are optimists who believe the introduction of AI will bring more benefits to our jobs and even the potential for more jobs overall.

As a recent Forbes article points out, in the US, there are two very good reasons for us to breath easy when discussing the potential of an AI takeover.

  1. Robots are often filling the jobs that not many – or simply not enough – Americans want to do in the near term.
  2. As technology advances, the pie will increase in size, meaning we actually have the ability to generate more productivity and new types of jobs.

Moreover, there are many instances where AI and human’s can work together to produce a better outcome, enhancing each other’s strengths. For example, using AI, we rely on movie-streaming platforms to shortlist films we are going to appreciate based on our recent history; making the final choice based on mood, social context, serendipity.

For Chicago based startup, Squadhelp, the introduction of AI is not designed to replace its human service but instead has the potential to enhance its overall offering, working alongside human creativity.

Squadhelp, the world’s largest naming platform, today announces the use of AI and a number of other strategies to help companies build the most original brand possible. The new technology complements the collective creativity of the largest naming community.

The crowdsourcing platform allows companies to launch a naming contest to engage hundreds of creatives around the world. Squadhelp’s community of more than 75,000 naming experts work to provide outstanding name ideas. So far, Squadhelp has assisted over 16,000 customers worldwide and created over 6 million names and thousands of logos. Using Squadhelp also costs a fraction of the price of what a similar project would cost with an agency – starting from $199, where agencies reach eye-watering costs of $200,000.

Squadhelp recently launched a marketplace for names, too. This new feature allows companies to explore thousands of hand-picked business names available for immediate purchase. Customers of the new brandable name marketplace receive a premium domain name at a fixed low price as well as complimentary validation services such as Audience Testing – where companies can test their favorite names on their target demographic with a poll – and trademark validation by a Licensed Trademark Attorney. This level of validation support has previously only been offered by premium naming agencies.

Now, Squadhelp has started using AI to get better results for its customers. One particularly effective feature they added is a visual name search. It helps speed up the process of finding the best name for a company. The companies use the online platform to tell Squadhelp what field their industry is in before taking a short visual quiz. Then, an AI and machine learning algorithm matches the company with the most relevant names available. While building this technology, Squadhelp analyzed and classified millions of names from their database by industry and name styles.

By combining advanced gamification features, agency-level validation services as well as the recent AI technology, Squadhelp pushes past the standard crowdsourcing model and allows customers the opportunity for rapid and effective collaboration with the group of dozens of naming experts who works on each project. With 50 million startups launched every year, and some 300 million domain names already registered, it can be extremely difficult to find a suitable name. Squadhelp aims to change this.

“We are really excited about the new features of the platform and hope it will continue to keep us at the top of our game,” said founder of Squadhelp Darpan Munjal. “We feel that AI will assist the creatives – not replace them – in battling it out to help you build the best brand you can. By combining the collective creativity of our naming community with advanced technology and validation services, choosing a name has never been so easy.”


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