Storiad: a new digital chapter for the book industry

November 23, 2017


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Despite the fact that over one million books are published every year in the US alone, authors actually have very few options when it comes to professional publicity consultants.

Independent authors are often unable to afford the expensive service of a professional consultant, and DIY platforms are perhaps not built with the market awareness that sells books. This results in the average title usually only selling 250-300 copies in its first year, and 3000 in its entire lifetime.

As independent authors struggle to promote their published works in an incredibly competitive market, there is more pressure than ever to find easy and effective tools to streamline the process of a successful book campaign.

However, a new character in this pen and paper industry has turned to the digital world to help make the process a whole lot easier. Storiad has created the first comprehensive book marketing campaign platform for authors, publishers, and promoters.

To modernize book marketing, Storiad has combined the essential aspects of a successful campaign with an easy-to-use platform. It allows authors and publishers immediate access to campaign planning, market research, budgeting, professional networking, publicity and more.

The integrated software and database applications that focus on these step by step tasks to execute a comprehensive book marketing campaign, aim to build a focus on the book and target the right audience.

“Authors invest considerable time, resources, and passion in developing their primary asset – the published book”, said Ramzi S. Hajj, co-Founder of Storiad. “Too often, however, they find themselves at a loss during the crucial marketing stage. They’ve created this incredibly valuable asset, but few people are aware of its availability. Storiad wants to reverse this reality. Our software and database apps make the marketing stage simple and effective”.

Ramzi S. Hajj
Co-founder of Storiad

The platform could be particularly helpful to newcomers, and independent authors having to keep up with the J.K. Rowling’s and Dan Brown’s of the industry. Authors are often responsible for their own bookselling efforts, and as talented as they are, knowledge of potential marketing tools to increase book sales and revenues is often limited. Storiad, with its off-the-shelf simplified online campaigns, is one way they can help save time, effort and money, promoting books in a tech-savvy way.

“We have the greatest respect, admiration and gratitude for people who write. Fiction or nonfiction, the process of writing is hard, hard work”, added Hajj. “Everything Storiad does is geared towards making the challenges of book marketing less daunting, if not outright enjoyable to solve. It can be a creative, rewarding process. The reward, of course, being wider exposure and lots of book sales”.

Just as publishers have now turned to online mediums, this startup is bolstering the underutilized marketing potential of their authors also through a digital platform.


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